YouTube, YouTube Music once again compatible on new Microsoft Edge

YouTube, YouTube Music Once Again Compatible On New Microsoft Edge
YouTube, YouTube Music Once Again Compatible On New Microsoft Edge

AndroidtechNews.Com – Many Microsoft Chromium Edge users had reported that they were
not able to get access to the new and refined YouTube UI but
instead, the website redirected them to the old version of

It turns out that this was a bug and Google has acknowledged
the problem. Google has already rolled out a fix and you should
be able to use YouTube, YouTube Music in Edge Dev and Edge
Canary again.

“We’re aware that users of a preview version of Chromium-based
Edge are being redirected to the old version of YouTube. We’re
working to address this issue. We’re committed to supporting
YouTube on Edge and apologize for any inconvenience this may be
causing,” Google explained.

A Google Chrome engineer also confirmed that YouTube issues
have been addressed in new Edge.

“The fix for this working in the new Edge should be in
production for all users shortly,” writes Addy Osmani,
Engineering Manager working on Google Chrome,

YouTube Music

Chromium Microsoft Edge was also blocked from
accessing Google’s
YouTube Music and the service recommended switching to
a supported browser like Chrome.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge is still in the preview stage, but it
comes with a better user interface than Chrome and Microsoft is
also regularly pushing out Canary builds with improvements.

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