Yahoo Mail mobile web gets a refreshed look, new features; Yahoo Mail Go for Android Go Edition smartphones released

Yahoo has updated Yahoo Mail mobile web app with several new features, updated design, modern fonts, and native-like interaction animations. It has also introduced new Yahoo Mail Go app for Android Go Edition smartphones with 1GB of RAM.

The company also said that the mobile browser now uses the same architecture as the modern desktop tech stack, which is developed on React and Redux.

New features in Yahoo Mail mobile web

  • Swipe through your inbox: The ability to take actions on emails quickly and easily by swiping right to mark as read and left to delete.
  • Customize your look and feel: New color themes with light and dark backgrounds that allow you to personalize your inbox.
  • Get organized easily with folders: Beautiful sidebar menu with folders for easy organization.
  • Never hunt for an email address: Auto-suggest your most frequent email addresses when you type the first few letters, so sending an email is faster than ever.
  • Infinite scrolling inbox: Scroll all the way down your inbox without having to hit “next” to see more emails.
  • Take quick action on emails: Easily delete, forward, reply and do more from the easy access toolbar once you open a message.

The Yahoo Mail Go app is just 12MB in size and keeps RAM usage on devices below 50MB. The company says that it did not compromise on features and performance on the Go app, and it uses the exact same architecture as the standard Yahoo Mail app. It is available from Google Play Store  .


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