Xiaomi Patent Details Stunning Phone Design With 4-Sided Edge Display

With the smartphone market becoming saturated with competent devices that can easily meet the needs of most consumers, OEMs are looking for new innovations to attract sales. We’ve seen larger edge-to-edge displays, in-display fingerprint readers, and an increasing number of cameras (both front- and rear-facing).

xiaomi 4 side display 1

A newly uncovered Xiaomi patent showcases a new display innovation that could be used for future smartphones. The patent shows a smartphone with a full edge-to-edge display. What’s remarkable about this particular patent, however, is that while today’s flagships still have small (but noticeable) bezels, the Xiaomi design is completely free of bezels. Instead, the display has a beveled design on all four sides that blends in to conform to the body of the smartphone.

Although it’s a bit hard to envision how this design would look in the real world, the folks over at Lets Go Digital have created renders using the patent drawings. Needless to say, it looks gorgeous, although we wouldn’t want to be stuck with the repair bill if the smartphone is dropped. And speaking of which, we have no idea of how a case would work with this type of display implementation given the way the display is designed.

xiaomi 4 side display 2

With that being said, the smartphone doesn’t have any buttons that we can discern and the only visible port is a USB-C connector on the bottom. On the back of the smartphone, we see what looks to be a dual camera arrangement along with an LED flash. Given that there’s no fingerprint reader on the back, it’s a sure lock that the fingerprint reader is embedded within the display.

We have to keep in mind, however, that this is simply a patent and there’s no guarantee that something like this would actually make to production. But if it does see the light of day, it will make for one compelling flagship smartphone that would be sure to attract buyers.

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