Windows 11’s WhatsApp UWP will soon let you edit messages and more

WhatsApp for Windows 11

Ever considered editing messages sent via WhatsApp for Windows
11? Meta-owned Facebook believes that it’s finally time to add
the ability to edit messages to its current messaging app.

WhatsApp isn’t perfect, especially on Windows. Facebook is
aware of numerous drawbacks and limitations such as its
limited ability to edit previously sent messages and express
what you’re trying to communicate with reactions, etc. While

Facebook has added reactions to its WhatsApp mobile app,
the functionality is still missing in the new UWP client.

WhatsApp is apparently getting two new messaging-centric
features – the ability to edit previously sent messages and
react to messages sent by anyone. The ability to react is
already live on the web app, but it’s also coming to the
WhatsApp UWP, according to references spotted in the app.

WhatsApp reactions

As you can see in the above screenshot, WhatsApp web already
lets you react to messages with emojis of heart and more. The
same reaction functionality is heading to the UWP client
alongside other improvements.

You can soon edit your messages on WhatsApp

While Facebook lets you delete the messages from the receiver’s
end on WhatsApp, it’s now making it possible to edit texts and
it’s particularly helpful when you regret hitting the
Send/Enter button on your desktop.

To edit a message, you can right-click on the message and click
on the ‘Edit’ button, and WhatsApp won’t be maintaining an edit
history, unlike Twitter. However, the feature is under
development, so we don’t know if this will change in future and
whether WhatsApp will also gain edit history.

We also don’t know whether users will be able to find out when
people edit their messages.

This feature is under development and it’s not available for
users in the Beta Channel.

Other features coming to WhatsApp for Windows

In addition to these interesting features, Facebook is also
working on another new tool that would let you set cover photos
for your account. This new addition is apparently aimed at
business customers and it’s currently in development for the
messaging app on desktop platforms only.

WhatsApp desktop app

As you can see in the above screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, business users
can configure their business profile with a custom cover photo
i.e header image.

This is a business-centric feature and users won’t be able to
set up a cover photo from standard WhatsApp accounts.

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