Windows 11’s multitasking features to get several UI improvements

Windows 11 multitasking features

Multitasking can be challenging when you’ve too many apps open
at the same time, but Windows 11’s flagship features like Snap
groups and Alt + Tab make it easy to organize your windows on
the desktop. Multitasking features support both mouse and
touch, and it is getting better in the Sun Valley 2 update with
a new way to group apps.

Snap groups isn’t a new concept introduced in Windows 11 and it
has been a part of previous versions of Windows. With Snap
group, you can create a snap layout by opening up multiple
programs, then pull one to the front and move it to the right
or left side of the screen to snap it alongside the rest of
your open windows.

You can run apps side by side, change the size of the window or
hover over the maximize button to access the existing snap
layouts, including a layout with windows grouped in a
four-square grid.

Microsoft is experimenting with a new way to snap windows into
snap layouts and it also supports mouse and touch like the rest
of the snapping features.

Windows 11 Snap layout

With the new feature, you can create snap windows by dragging a
window to the top of the screen and it works very well in our

As shown in the above screenshot, when you drag a window to the
top of the desktop or screen, a new “zone” pop-up will appear
and you need to drop the window within the defined zone to
create a layout.

You can use Windows 11’s Snap assist feature to continue with
your layout setup.

New visual and animation improvements

Taskbar multitasking feature

In addition to a new zone for snap layouts, Windows 11 is also
getting new visuals for the snap group and the rest of the
multitasking features, such as Task View and Taskbar.

In Windows 11 22H2, Alt + Tab and Taskbar previews will include
the desktop wallpaper to make it easier to differentiate groups
from other windows.

Alt Tab with wallpapers

Additionally, there’s a new design for ALT + TAB. After the
update, apps within the Alt + Tab screen will appear as

You can also expect snappy transition animation that appears
when you go from one snapped window state to another.

Microsoft is testing these multitasking improvements in

Windows 11 Build 22557 and they will be released to
consumers as part of the fall 2022 update.

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