Windows 10’s OneNote UWP will be the default app for Office 2019

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Microsoft had last year announced that they will launch the
next version of Office in the second half of 2018. And of
course, it will be called “Office
2019“. One major announcement was that it will be available
only on Windows 10 Operating System. Having this version of
Office available for only Windows 10 meant that Microsoft could
now keep their best Office UWP apps as a part of Office 2019.

Earlier, Microsoft used to built features separately for
both desktop and UWP versions as UWP is not available on other
older version of Windows. Today Microsoft has confirmed that
they will be moving away from the OneNote desktop to OneNote
UWP app for both Office 2019 and Office 365 consumers.
Microsoft has been adding new features to OneNote Windows 10
app regularly along with performance enhancement.

OneNote UWP has been used by Microsoft to demo the inking
capabilities of Microsoft Surface devices during their launch
event and has been displayed on various TV commercials of these

Along with inking OneNote app also offers various features and
Microsoft has also announced more features will be soon
available for Windows Insider to test. The upcoming features
include the ability to create and search for tags inside the
notes, view and edit office files that are attached to notes,
the class notebook feature of OneNote 2016 will be also

Microsoft has also cleared the two most important doubts
regarding the future of the OneNote 2016 app. One Microsoft
will provide security updates for OneNote 2016 app as per the
official support for the Office 2016 and two Microsoft will be
adding all the features of OneNote 2016 which are currently not
present on the UWP version of the app.

Microsoft had last year released a new look for its OneNote app
that now has a consistent improved interface across all the
platforms. As Office 2019 is Windows 10 exclusive, the decision
to move to UWP version of OneNote is certainly makes sense.

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