Windows 10 could get a new feature to identify RAM-hogging apps

Windows 10 AppManager

Task Manager is a powerful tool packed with useful information
and you probably use it regularly on Windows 10. It gives you
an overview of what your computer is doing and it also displays
the detailed statistics about each process.

Windows 10 already comes with “Apps & Features” in the
Settings, and it includes a list of installed applications with
the size of the appprogram, but it doesn’t allow you access
all information of installed apps.

Microsoft is now reportedly working on a brand new app manager
that could be implemented in the Settings app for more control
over running processes and apps.

This handy Settings app-based feature will give you an overview
of the apps and processes running on your computer and it’s
currently a prototype from Microsoft.

Windows 10 app manager

There are two columns in the app—All and Running. The ‘All’
column lists the installed and background apps on your desktop,
while the ‘Running’ column lists all the active processes or

You can select an app here and click on “Force close” to end
the process and close the app forcefully. This is useful if an
app isn’t responding. Likewise, you can also click on the
‘Uninstall’ button to remove apps, including Cortana.

AppManager settings

There’s another option called ‘Performance’ that lets you
access the detailed statistics about each process. You can view
the CPU, Disk, and Memory usage for the selected process.

Microsoft is working on the new ‘AppManager’ in an attempt to
give the touch-optimized Settings app a much more important
role in our work.

Windows AppManager

At the moment, the modern app manager comes with a rather
limited number of features, but there’s no doubt that new
options would be added soon.

Unlike Task Manager, Windows 10’s Settings app will also send
you notifications when an app uses too much memory.

Chrome slowing down system

This app appears to be a prototype from Microsoft and it could
be integrated into the Settings app on Windows 10, so we will
all have the chance to try it out at some point in the future.

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