Will Silver Sable Appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man?

Will Silver Sable Appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man?

June 14, 2018Written by Lucas White

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During Sony’s E3 showcase, we saw a lot of new villains show up for the first time in Marvel’s Spider-Man footage. The likes of Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture all made their E3 press briefing debut, practically all at once. But as I suspected, we aren’t done with the cast of characters, not by a longshot. During a E3 Coliseum developer panel, director Brian Intihar and Game Informer editor Andrew Reiner may have dropped a hint that Silver Sable is in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Okay, it wasn’t just a hint, it was almost egregious in its lack of subtlety. Intihar, under his fun Spider-Man hoodie, had a “Visit Symkaria” shirt on, which was immediately pointed to. They pointed to the color of the shirt, then just straight-up name-dropped Silver Sable. Silver Sable of course is an infamous mercenary, who happens to come from the Marvel Universe’s fictional Eastern European country of Symkaria.

Silver Sable has been a longtime fixture of Spider-Man comics, first appearing in 1985. She’s no stranger to the world of Marvel video games either, having appearances in several Spider-Man games. She’s voiced by renowned video game actress Jennifer Hale in nearly every appearance, so I now wonder if that trend will continue.

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