Week in Geek Podcast: The story behind the dramatic reversal of the ‘Amazon tax’ in Seattle

The fight over taxing big businesses in Seattle took a dramatic turn this week. The Seattle City Council voted to repeal the Head Tax, sometimes called the ‘Amazon Tax,’ less than a month after it was put in place. On this episode of the Week in Geek Podcast, we explain what happened, why it matters and where things stand with Seattle’s huge homelessness problem.

I’m joined for the discussion by Monica Nickelsburg, GeekWire’s civic innovation editor, and GeekWire co-founder John Cook.

On the Random Channel, we figure out which team to root for in the World Cup, get inspired by a debate over vocal fry, and talk about the Showtime miniseries The Fourth Estate.

This week’s featured stories:

  • Seattle businesses rejected tax as ‘wrong approach’ to homeless crisis — now what will they do?
  • There was actually a civil, hopeful and energizing meeting at Seattle City Hall: Here’s what many missed
  • Seattle repeals head tax 7-2 in dramatic reversal that leaves city divided over homeless crisis

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