VR Figure from Shining: Kirika Towa Alma launches this summer in Japan, first details and screenshots

VR Figure from Shining: Kirika Towa Alma

VR Figure from Shining: Kirika Towa Alma will launch for PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store this summer in Japan, Sega announced.

Here is a brief overview of the game, via its official website:

Figure Viewing Mode

In “Figure Viewing Mode,” you can view Kirika from various angles with the townscape of Marga in the background. Enjoy an experience only possible in virtual reality, where Kirika is an arm’s reach away!

Event Viewing Mode

As a bonus mode, you can enjoy some of Kirika’s date events through “Event Viewing Mode,” which has been reproduced in virtual reality! Feel like a character in the game during date events with Kirika! Enjoy a special time, with just the two of you.

View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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