Vodafone launches 5G Standalone trials in the UK

Vodafone 5G Standalone

Vodafone 5G Standalone

Vodafone has announced that it is launching 5G Standalone trials in the UK, this is a pilot of their 5G Standalone service and it is being run in three UK cities.

The pilot is being run in Cardiff, Manchester and London and it will allow the company to test new and existing devices. It will also allow the Vodafone’s partners to test out their various devices on the new 5G infrastructure to see how they perform.

The commercial pilot will focus on testing new capabilities being introduced as part of 5G Standalone technologies, such as network slicing. It will also enable partners to test new Standalone-enabled devices on a live network. As part of the trial, a dedicated slice has already been configured for Coventry University to provide low-latency services to enable virtual reality distance learning.

5G Standalone is the next phase in the evolution of mobile network infrastructure. 5G Non-standalone, which is commonly deployed today, overlays 5G equipment on underlying 4G infrastructure. With 5G Standalone, all elements of the network have been designed for the 5G era, offering several benefits.

You can find out more details about Vodafone’s 5G Standalone trials that are being run in the UK over at their website at the link below.

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