Varnir of the Dragon Star details story, world, and characters

■ World

◆ Story

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon

Valneria, a world where huge dragon fossils rise above the clouds.

There is a witch living in a remote forest who is persecuted as a cursed being who brought forth the dragons.

Zephy, a knight tasked with a mission to hunt the witch, gets lost in the forest with his fellow knights, and nearly dies when he is attacked by a dragon. But the witches Minessa and Karikaro saved him.

By drinking the blood of the dragon, a magical power was awoken within Zephy, and together with the witches, Zephy becomes submerged in a vortex of cruel fates.

The Imperial Order that governs the world, the Knights of the Reaper who lead the witch hunt, the hoodlums of Evil Raven that fight dragons, and the mysterious Witches of Prisonflame.

In this world where the motives of various people intertwine, the story of witches fighting against their fate with a boy who possesses the power of a witch will unfold.

◆ World


“Witch” is the general term for those who were born with a dragon seed inside their womb and can wield the power of a dragon.

Constantly under attack by powerful dragon magic, witches gradually succumb to madness.

The only means of suppressing the madness is to devour dragons by “consuming the blood of dragons.”

However, by consuming their blood, the dragon within the womb of the witch will grow and eventually be born by eating its way through their stomach.

While witches must devour dragons in order to live, they despair of the future.

“The itch” to devour dragons usually comes around the time a witch turns 17, and while they must devour in order to live, they despair about the future.

Whether they are devoured first by madness or dragons, the witches are a cursed people.


A world where huge dragon fossils rise above the clouds.

Valneria is naturally abundant with forests, plains, valleys, and mountain ranges, and its civilization has only developed up to the medieval times.

This world is governed by the supreme leadership of the Emperor or the Imperial Order, but that influence does not reach all ends of the world—it only reaches as far as the border of Region of the Imperial Order, which even the outskirts of are ruled over as a countryy.

Witches Roost

A witch settlement located deep within a remote forest.

There were once several roosts scattered across Valneria, but due to a tragedy 10 years ago, all of the other roosts were destroyed.

Furthermore, many witches were devoured by dragons or were killed in witch hunts, leaving less than 10 witches remaining alive.

The graves of the dead witches on the outskirts of the roost are too many to count.

For generations, those graves will remain proof of the dragons curse.

■ Characters

Zephy (Protagonist) (voiced by Daiki Abe, illustrated by Riruru Meikyuu)
“Don’t come near me. I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you all.”

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon

A young, low-ranking member of the Knights of the Reaper.

He is serious and often straight-faced, but that is because he is thoughtful of his comrades.

When he and his comrades get lost in a remote forest, and are nearly killed by a dragon, he was rescued by a witch.

It was then, when he was given the dragon blood to drink in order to keep him alive, that a magical power awoken within him.

Minessa (Witch) (voiced by Sayaka Senbongi, illustrated by Minamitsu)
“I’ll make it through this cursed fate somehow. I definitely will!”

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon

An earnest witch with a strong sense of responsibility.

Always looking for clues to solve the dragons curse, she has both an air of pity and heroism.

As she is the only survivor of the Prisonflame Carnival, the tragedy that resulted in the death of many witches 10 years ago, she has an extreme fear of fire.

Since she has never dealt with boys outside of battle, she is a bit curious about them.

Karikaro (Witch) (voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara, illustrated by Kei Nanameida)
“You can use magic even though you’re not a witch… I don’t know what you are. OK, time to kill you.”

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon

An unemotional, yet somewhat absent-minded witch.

Whether her thoughts are rational or hasty, one way or another she is quick to say “I’ll kill you.”

Since she has passed the age limit of witches, she fears that she will die in the near future.

She loves to cook, but since her tastes are peculiar, her food is quite a big hit or miss.

Laponetto (Witch) (voiced by Hisako Tojo, illustrated by Katsuyuki Hirano)
“Please don’t touch me… I don’t want to see your tragedy.”

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon

A witch who always has a graceful, yet sorrowful facial expression.

She possesses the power of clairvoyance, allowing her to unwillingly foresee the future tragedy of anyone she touches.

She herself despises that power.

Aside from those she trusts most, she is terrified of connecting with other people.

She especially finds dealing with boys to be a bit scary.

Charlotta (Witch) (voiced by Sachika Misawa, illustrated by Tsunako)
“You want to know about little ol’ me? Hehe, if only I were more honest…”

Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon

A mysterious young girl who calls herself the “Legendary Prisonflame Witch” who caused the Prisonflame Carnival 10 years ago, during which which over 100 witches were burned to death.

She is innocent and bewitching, but at times her gloomy and prudent sides show.

She lives in the sacred roost and never misses a chance to toy with Zephy and the others.

She is very proud of her own ability.

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