Valve Aims To Slip Steam Link Past Apple Censors By Axing Game Purchasing Feature

Valve had many gamers excited when it announced that the Steam Link app would let you stream games from your PC to your iOS device. Not so long after the announcement, Steam Link landed in beta on Google Play for Android aficionados. Unfortunately for the iOS users, Apple blocked the app with Phil Schiller explaining that the app violated App Store rules. However, revised app store rules gave hope that Steam Link might still make it.

Steam Controller

Valve is now trying to get past Apple censors by removing the purchase options inside the app that was released to TestFlight. Reports claiming that violations that have to do with in-app purchases were one of the things that got Steam Link banned. Early on, speculation was that Apple vetoed Steam Link because it wasn’t getting part of the money from sales of games via the app.

With the new revisions, users can still see games available, but they are told that the games are available to purchase via the PC or Mac computers. The button that previously allowed users to buy the game now simply says “Available to purchase from your PC.”

There is no indication from Apple or Valve when the review of the app with the changes might happen. If you are unfamiliar with Steam Link, the app requires the mobile device and the Mac or PC computer running the game to be on the same 5GHz WiFi network or connected via a wired Ethernet connection. 

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