Twitter PWA for Windows 10 updated with faster image uploads and screen rotation

Twitter for Windows 10

Earlier this year, social media giant Twitter announced
its new Progressive Web App (PWA) for Windows 10 and it’s
available on Microsoft Store. Twitter’s PWA for Windows 10 is a
big update as it brings a ton of recent features such as
extended character limit, the ability to bookmark tweets,
translation and much more.

Twitter yesterday rolled out an update for its Windows 10 app
with support for faster image uploads and rotation. It appears
that the app would work on some older devices as well.

What’s new in the latest update for Twitter PWA

  • Some changes that should GREATLY speed up image uploads on
    all devices.
  • New update to Windows App to allow some older devices and
    screen rotation.

Twitter PWA developer, Charlie Croom confirmed in a tweet that
the new update for the platform is now available.

It’s worth noting the app has been optimised for
the latest Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

“This release represents a renewed commitment
to Windows that has been long overdue and is part of
a longer-term strategy to reach greater feature parity to all
of our platforms. We wanted to make sure the app represented a
modern Twitter experience, while taking advantage of unique
Windows features, like support for Windows native APIs such as
share integration, pinned tiles, jump links, and more. We want
to continue providing our Microsoft users with the latest and
greatest, and will be adding additional features like night
mode, in the coming weeks and months,” said Charlie Croom, Web
Engineer at Twitter in a blog post published earlier this year.

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