Twitter adding a darker dark mode to its apps

Twitter darker dark mode

Twitter rolled out a Night Mode more than two years ago, giving users a darker UI so that they wouldn’t be blinded by a bright white screen at night. Turns out that that Night Mode wasn’t dark enough, though, and so now Twitter is rolling out a darker dark mode.

A new dark mode is now rolling out to the Twitter apps. It’s launching on iOS right now, but Twitter says that it’ll be available on Android and the web “soon.”

If you’re using an iOS device, you can try out this new dark mode by opening your profile and going into “Settings and privacy”. From there, tap on “Display and sound” and you should see the dark mode toggle. You can then choose whether you want your dark mode to be dim or totally lights out.

This darker dark mode could be better for users in a couple of ways. Not only will it make using Twitter at night even easier on your eyes, but with the rise in OLED screens, it could help you save a little battery life compared to running a bright white screen in the Twitter app all of the time.

Do you use dark modes in apps that offer them?

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