These Spider-Man Screenshots and Concept Art are Truly Breath Taking

These Spider-Man Screenshots and Concept Art are Truly Breath Taking

April 18, 2018Written by John Abrena

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man on the PS4 is one game that people should definitely watch out for. From the crazy stunts pulled by the Web Crawler, to those awesome random things he does with the citizens of Manhattan, the game reflects it all. That’s why we here at PlayStation lifestyle can’t wait till September for the release.

Also, the game has announced that Spidey will be a college grad! Several people involved in the creation of the game stated the following:

We all knew that people have seen the origin story before, right? We know what that teenage Peter Parker is about. We didn’t want to tell a story that had already been told.

– Jon Paquette, a writer for Insomniac

Obviously, he should feel like the classic Spider-Man and Peter Parker everyone knows, but we’re doing our own thing. We don’t have to worry about the other stuff. Let’s just do the best, most iconic Spider-Man story we can do.

– Christos Gage, long-time Marvel comics writer and co-writer of the game’s script

He’s on the verge of becoming an adult, and he’s dealing with a lot of the things…student loans, trying to start a career, struggling with money – any number of things.

– Brian Intihar, Creative Director

For now, we are just enjoying new info, trailers, announcement of literary works, and many more while waiting for the release of Spider-Man for the PS4. Speaking of which, here are some Spider-Man screenshots and concept art of the game, which includes Spidey, known enemies, and the environment.

Spider-Man will be available exclusively for the PS4 on September 7, 2018.

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