The PC sales are better than expected thanks to Dell

The PC sales are better than expected thanks to Dell

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The PC sales are better than expected thanks to Dell
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The traditional PC market has managed to beat the
analyst expectation. The sale of all traditional PCs such
as desktops and notebooks reached 60.4 million units shipment
mark. While on the other hand, Apple PC sales
are collapsing.

The PC market has been struggling for the last few years as the
sales decreased year-over-year. Things are however
improving. IDC last year had predicted that the
PC market share will continue to drop but the latest data
is representing year-on-year growth.

In the past few years, Microsoft’s Windows PC segment has been
doing average in terms of unit sales. However, the premium
notebook and Windows 10 2-in-1s are helping to keep PCs
relevant. PC shipments were originally projected
by IDC to decline 1.5% but the PC market has improved
the sales. The rise in the PC business is due to some companies
producing a new category of Windows devices, and it eventually
helped the industry achieve better numbers.

“Business uptake of Windows 10 systems appear to be steadily
ongoing, benefitting commercially-focused PC OEMs such as HP,
Dell, and Lenovo. Demand for premium notebooks in both the
consumer and commercial segments have also helped major vendors
retain better margins and garner buyer interest,” IDC said in
its analysis for Q1, 2018.

PC market share by IDC

It goes without saying that this is a good news for PC
manufacturers, although PCs sales may never increase by
double-digit because of the mobile platform. Nonetheless, the
PC market is doing good and it would remain profitable for

According to IDC, HP is still the leading OEM for PC market
during the Q1 2018 as it shipped no less than 13.5 million PCs,
up from 13.1 million same quarter last year. Lenovo is the
runner-up with 12.3 million, while Dell is currently third with
10.1 million shipments. Out of all the major companies, Dell’s
performance is strong and growing 6.4%.

IDC in the analysis noted that the gaming industry is growing
and the sales are on the rise, the trend is likely to continue
as the crypto miners are fading. In the coming quarters, the PC
sale will continue to grow and the adoption is most likely to
increase after the
launch of more Always Connected PCs powered by Windows 10
on ARM. The premium notebooks are also growing and IDC
predicts that the trend is most likely to continue.

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