T-Mobile offering 3 percent cashback to Apple Card users

Apple Card

One of the benefits of Apple Card is Daily Cash, which gets you cash back on transactions every day. You get 2% Daily Cash on anything you buy with Apple Pay and your Apple Card, but shopping with certain merchants can get you 3% Daily Cash. Now T-Mobile is one of those merchants.

T-Mo announced today that it’s the exclusive wireless carrier for Apple Card. That means that when you make any purchase at a T-Mobile store using Apple Card and Apple Pay, you’ll get 3% Daily Cash. And that applies to all purchases, not just Apple products, as well as any one-time bill payments you make at a T-Mo store.

Apple Card users can begin getting 3% Daily Cash at T-Mobile stores tomorrow, September 20, the same day that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 5 launch.

While an increase of 1% Daily Cash may not sound much, that extra bit can really make a difference when you’re making larger purchases, like buying a new device or paying a bill. Plus, Apple Card holders are getting the extra cash without having to do anything extra on their end, save for visiting a physical T-Mobile store to make their purchases. 

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