Survey suggests Cortana will be more desired than ever in enterprise market

Microsoft Cortana

A new survey conducted by Pindrop suggests that
Microsoft’s Cortana has picked up in the battle for voice in
the enterprise segment, and it will soon rival Amazon and
Google in business use. Microsoft is finally getting
the traction among enterprises, and the momentum is
expected to continue over the next 2 years.

It appears that Microsoft’s effort seems to be paying off and
it’s likely that the software giant will be doubling down on
its enterprise voice tech in the coming years.

The survey by Pindrop suggests that Cortana is now more desired
than ever in the IT industry. The survey adds that the 78
percent of businesses would like to use Cortana in the
enterprise segment for some operations.

That’s the same percentage of businesses who said they wanted
the implement Google Assistant, and while on the other hand,
the survey found that 77 percent of businesses want to
implement Amazon Alexa.

“The proliferation of voice technologies will continue to put
consumers’ security and identity at risk. Currently, fraudsters
can easily get around existing authentication methods. As
businesses adopt the latest voice technologies for the majority
of customer interactions, there will be a parallel need for
top-notch security,” Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO and
Co-founder, Pindrop said in a press release.

Needless to say, the people aren’t loyal to a single digital
assistant, and they’ll move to a solution that is better for
their operations.

Microsoft has shuttered its consumer feature list, but
Cortana’s features such as the ability to sort and read aloud
emails are apparently helping the digital assistant, at least
in the enterprise segment.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s Cortana is able to
edge out Google and Amazon for the enterprise market or not.

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