Super Neptunia RPG details dungeons, battles

Compile Heart has updated the official Japanese website for Super Neptunia RPG with first details on the game’s dungeons and battle system.

Get the details below.

■ Dungeons

Exploration-style dungeons that add side-scrolling action elements.

Super Neptunia RPG

Super Neptunia RPG

Dungeons are filled with monsters. If Neptune touches a monster symbol, a battle wll begin. If you attack a monster symbol with a symbol attack, you can start the battle with an advantage. Dungeons also have treasure chests in various locations through which you can obtain items.

In addition to jump and double jump, you can also summon a pudding-like monster to jump even higher in dungeons.

Super Neptunia RPG

Super Neptunia RPG

■ Battles

Intuitive and strategic battles! Change between formations based on the situation and dominate the fight!

You can fight with a maximum of four party members. AP (Action Points) build up as time passes, and each character can use AP to activate skills. It is important to learn the enemy’s weakness to fight with the upper hand. By dealing damage using the attribute the enemy is weak against, you will recover AP as a bonus.

Breaking Down the Battle Screen

Super Neptunia RPG

1. Formation Type. You can change between formations with the L1 and R1 buttons. Each formation changes the character’s attack type. And each formation has a passive bonus.

—Strike: A formation with many physical attacks. It also has skills that deal abnormal status and additional magic damage.

Super Neptunia RPG

—Magic: A formation with many magic skills. It is effective against enemies weak to magic.

Super Neptunia RPG

—Support: A formation with many skills that can bestow buffs to protect party members.

Super Neptunia RPG

—Heal: A formation with many skills that can heal HP and abnormal statuses.

Super Neptunia RPG

2. Goddess Gauge. The gauge required to transform into a Goddess.

3. Party AP. This builds up as time passes.

4. Break Attack Gauge. This gauge builds up as you attack enemies. With it, you can use the character’s special “Break Attack” move.

5. Enemy AP. This builds up as time passes.

Super Neptunia RPG is due out for PlayStation 4 on September 27 in Japan, and for PlayStation 4 and Switch in North America and Europe this fall.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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