Sony reveals DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

Sony reveals DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

After Sony officially announced the ps5 leak some time ago now a new form of PlayStation controller (PS) 5, named DualSense. Unlike the DualShock 4 on the PS4, Sony brings a new design that looks more modern to DualSense.

This PS5 Dualsense Controller will come depending on new technology that utilizes haptic motors, rather than rumble motors. Sony says using these sensors and haptic motors will offer users a realistic touch and feel when you play games. For example, you’ll feel the tension when drawing a bow to fire an arrow thanks to advanced haptic feedback on the controller.

In an article from Wired has explained exactly how this haptic feedback is translated. When someone plays different types of games on the PS5 and it seems to produce a very immersive experience.

DualSense Adds New Features

The new design certainly has a divided world. The mix of White and Black colors is very interesting. The integration of LED lights that take up more than half the front panel and also look beautiful. It is also the first controller from Sony to display a USB Type-C port. DualSense also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

Due to the extensive motors and sensors, the controller certainly looks thicker. Microsoft is trying to avoid this thickness problem by offering gamers analog sticks on its controllers. However, DualSense from ps5 continues with the bottom dual-stick layout, just like the previous variant.

While looking at the controller, this will give you a more futuristic vibe hinting at what the PS5 might hold under its design. Perhaps, it resembles the rendering expressed by LetsGoDigital. Sony has also removed the share button and replaced it with the create button on the PS5 controller. Although the function remains the same is to let players upload clips or live stream their games.

For players playing multiplayer online games, the PS5 controller does provide a rescue feature with the addition of an array of microphones. This means players won’t be hanging on to their headphones all the time. Especially when they want to reply quickly to other players during a game session.

At first glance, DualSense has a design that’s almost like an Xbox X Series controller, with more rounded corners on the edges of its body making it look sleek, although Sony is adding some new components. The previous PlayStation controller was only single-colored, but DualSense appears different from the black and white alloy duo-tone concept.

The Light Bar that was previously positioned at the front of DualShock 4 changed position to the sidelines of the touchpad to give a more luxurious impression. Another difference, the “Share” button is now changed to the “Create” button. Its functionality is yet to be detailed by Sony. “DualSense marks a radical change from the previous controller, to show the huge leap made through the PS5,” said President and Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan on the PlayStation Blog, as compiled by KompasTekno, Wednesday (8/4/2020).

The word “Sense” from DualSense refers to additional features such as haptic feedback to give different sensations through the controller while playing the game, such as vibrations when driving a car through the mud. The L2 and R2 keys in DualSense are also equipped with adaptive triggers so that players can feel the sensation of feedback more noticeablely, such as when pulling the bow before releasing the arrows.

This PS5 controller also comes with a built-in microphone, so players don’t have to bother using the headset to have a quick chat with other gamers. For long-lasting chats, Sony still recommends headsets. In a statement on the PlayStation Blog, Ryan reiterated that the PS5’s own megapixels will be released in the final holiday season of 2020. “We will share more details about the PS5 design in the next few months,” he concluded.

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