Sonic The Hedgehog And Over Dozen Classic Sega Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Sega is bringing some of its mega-hit classic games to the Nintendo Switch, which is excellent news for the millions of Switch owners out there looking for a retro gaming fix. The games will be released under the Sega AGES brand, and will be available on the Switch this summer.

Some of the popular games that will be included in the mix are Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Phantasy Star. Two other games — Ground Gain and Thunder Force IV — will be included in the 15-game collection. Developer M2 will be responsible for bringing the titles to the Switch. If you’re unfamiliar with M2, this is the same developer that was tasked with porting Sega 3D Classics to the Nintendo 3DS.

sonic the hedgehog

It was also announced that Sega intends to release classic Saturn and Dreamcast games for the Switch in the future, which will even further expand the Switch’s reach with the gaming populous.

We should mention that AGES isn’t the only way that Sega will bring retro gaming goodness into the modern age. It announced that it will release the Mega Drive Mini console to celebrate the platform’s 30thanniversary. The console will be using technology from AtGames to power the gaming experience.

There’s no doubt that the Nintendo Switch has been a huge hit for the Japanese gaming giant, and it was a much-needed jolt following the utter failure of the previous generation Wii U. The Switch has been bolstered by some magnificent first party titles, but third-party offerings have also been strong. 

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