Samsung’s new chips can lead to 100W USB-C fast charging

Samsung CES booth

Fast charging is a popular feature among smartphones, helping you to get more of a charge when you plug in your device in less time. Today Samsung has announced new chips that’ll help take fast charging to the next level.

Samsung has introduced two new USB-C power delivery (PD) controllers, the SE8A and MM101. Both chips include embedded Flash (eFlash) that give them the flexibility to modify their firmware to meet the up-to-date specs, and they can supply up to 100 watts (W, 20V/5A).

The SE8A includes a Secure Element, too, making it the first PD controller to include that added layer of security. Meanwhile, the MM101 supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), an encryption algorithm for product authentication. It also includes moisture-sensing capabilities to help give you safer charging conditions.

These new PD controllers meet the most recent USB specs for fast charging, USB-PD 3.0, which means that they can meet the compatibility and efficiency challenges across mobile devices. Both chargers also include over-voltage protection.

Samsung says that the MM101 is currently sampling while the SE8A is in mass production.

The idea of a USB-C charger that can output 100W of power is pretty crazy, but it’s unclear when we might see a smartphone that can handle all that power. Power chargers that use Samsung’s new chips can also be used for tablets, laptops, and monitors, so we could see those products come with a 100W power charger first with smartphones coming later.

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