Samsung touts ‘hundreds’ of apps optimized for Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The main feature of the Galaxy Fold is its large screen that folds up when you’re not using it. That display is unlike most other smartphone screens on the market, which means that apps will need to be optimized for the Galaxy Fold screen if they’re going to take advantage of that big display. The good news for prospective Galaxy Fold buyers is that Samsung has been working on that.

Samsung has announced that “hundreds” of apps have been optimized for the Galaxy Fold. They include apps and services from the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Microsoft, VSCO, iHeartMedia, App in the Air, and more.

Samsung also notes that work on the design of the Galaxy Fold’s software experience began back in April 2018. This work included developing an entirely new UX and working with Google to provide integrated OS support for Android.

The Galaxy Fold is now on sale in South Korea and is launching in the U.S. in the coming weeks. Samsung says that it’s improved the design of the Galaxy Fold compared to the version that it first announced earlier this year, adding protection caps to the top and bottom of the hinge to prevent particles from getting into the phone and extending the top protective layer of the Fold’s screen so that users don’t mistakenly remove it.

Now we know that Samsung has been working to make the software experience of using the Galaxy Fold better, too, and anyone interested in a buying a Fold knows that there will be hundreds of apps that’ll take advantage of that big foldable screen at launch.

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