Salesforce shows off tie-ins with Google Analytics, among new features coming to its Marketing Cloud

Salesforce mugs at its offices in Bellevue, Wash. (GeekWire Photo / Taylor Soper)

Salesforce has seen some of its strongest growth of late from its marketing services, and it plans to roll out some new features for the folks who are all about brands Wednesday at its Salesforce Connections conference in Chicago.

Around 10,000 marketing and customer-service professionals are expected at Connections, where Salesforce will show off the latest fruits of the partnership it announced with Google last year at Dreamforce, its main event of the year. Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers using Google Analytics will soon be able to combine customer data from both sources into a single dashboard that should give them a more compelling view of customer behavior, said Bobby Jania, vice president of product marketing for Salesforce.

An overview of how Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics can now work in tandem. (Salesforce GIF)

Like Salesforce’s flagship Sales Cloud product, Marketing Cloud gives marketing professionals a web-based dashboard that arranges their marketing data into nice easier-to-understand packages in hopes of understanding how customers behave when shopping for and eventually buying a company’s products or services. It has been the fastest-growing segment of Saleforce’s business over the last few quarters, with a 41 percent jump in revenue compared to the previous year during its first fiscal quarter of the year, outpacing Salesforce’s overall revenue growth of 25 percent.

As part of the Marketing Cloud enhancements, Salesforce is also adding a few new artificial intelligence features under its Einstein branding to the service. Einstein Segmentation will slice and dice us poor consumers into even-more granular pieces so that even-more targeted messages with unnerving specificity can be sent out way, while Einstein Splits will help users better predict the outcome of “journey paths,” like when you inadvertently clicked on something in a marketing email and closed the tab without buying anything.

Salesforce also plans to introduce Connections attendees to B2B Commerce, an addition to its Commerce Cloud service that lets users set up nicer ways to buy business-to-business services like cloud computing or raw materials over the internet.

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