Report: PlayStation Now Download Feature Coming In September

Report: PlayStation Now Download Feature Coming In September

June 19, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

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We reported on the rumor last week that PlayStation Now’s streaming games subscription could see a download option at some point, allowing players to play offline (and effectively bringing a more full backwards compatibility to the PS4). Part of PS Now’s biggest barrier to adoption has been the online requirement, streaming games that often require precise control and movement.

A reported technical hiccup last week caused a “Download Game” option to appear in the PS Now menu, but clicking on that option didn’t appear to have any effect. Since then, rumors have been swirling about Sony adding the download option to compete with Xbox Game Pass, which already has a download and play model.

Now, an industry source has confirmed to Kotaku UK that the PlayStation Now download feature is coming later this year. According to their source, the download option will be rolling out at the end of September, and will be limited to PS4 games initially. The service will work much in the same way that the PlayStation Plus free games library does. You can download and play the games offline as long as you have an active PlayStation Now subscription. Anyone on that PS4 can play the content (regardless of account), as long as the PS Now subscriber has that consoles set as their primary PS4. It makes sense for Sony to adopt a solution that already works quite effectively with the PlayStation Plus free games.

Sony has yet to comment on the news, so for right now, we’re still taking this one as a rumor.

If Sony does intend to release this feature in September, it’s a bit odd that the announcement missed their E3 showcase. It’s possible they don’t have all of the details and logistics locked down yet, but even teasing the feature coming soon could make the proposition of a $99 per year PS Now subscription seem attractive. Personally, I’m hoping they find some way to bundle it in with PlayStation Plus. It’s always felt a little bit awkward off to the side as its own service, particularly when Plus is required to play the PS4 online.

Do you hope the reports of a PlayStation Now download feature are true?

[Source: Kotaku UK]

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