PlayStation Now May Receive a Download Feature

PlayStation Now May Receive a Download Feature

June 15, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves


PlayStation Now Download

PlayStation Now’s lukewarm reception hasn’t improved much since its launch in early 2015. The streaming service’s library of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games never ceases to impress, but there remains one glaring issue. For PS4 and PC users who don’t have a high-speed internet connection, the latency troubles greatly diminish the experience. Therefore, many players interested in the service are unable to make use of it at all. Because of this, hopes have long been geared towards Sony potentially launching a PlayStation Now download feature. Perhaps such an addition is on the horizon.

Reddit user satertek stumbled across a “Download Game” option in PlayStation Now’s menu. Apparently, pressing the button doesn’t yield any results. Furthermore, the button prompt does not appear in all games. The below screenshot from satertek is one taken in Alpha Protocol.

PlayStation Now Download Game option

If plans are to implement a PlayStation Now download option, Sony is keeping mum about it. In the event that this is added, the feature could offer the streaming service even more value. At $99.99 USD per year with streaming success dependent upon uncontrolled variables, such as internet speeds, PlayStation Now is a gamble for some. Xbox Game Pass, which runs subscribers $10 USD per month, proves that success lies in the download and play model. This interesting find in a game of Alpha Protocol intimates PlayStation is on the verge of learning something similar.

[Source via VG247]

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