Our first look at Windows 10’s new floating Start Menu

Windows 10 floating Start Menu

Microsoft is reportedly working on a major Windows 10 design
overhaul codenamed ‘Sun Valley’ and it’s due for release in
October 2021. In the Sun Valley update, Windows 10 Start Menu
will also get updated with rounded corners and it will ‘float’
on top of the taskbar, as shown in the above screenshot.

Microsoft started working on the Windows 10 Sun Valley last
year and the update will reportedly introduce “sweeping visual
rejuvenation of Windows”, which includes a new attractive
interface that better utilizes Microsoft’s Fluent Design and
WinUI language.

References in the preview builds have suggested that top-level
UI components of Windows 10 will ditch ‘sharp corners’ for
rounded corners. This includes Start Menu, Action Center,
textbox, etc.

Based on the inputs from sources, leaks and
mockup screenshots posted by Microsoft, I’ve crafted a
rough mockup image showing what it could look like to have a
Start Menu and search bar with rounded corners enabled.

New Start Menu

Like Windows 10X, the Start Menu and Action Center in Windows
10 Sun Valley will appear separated from the taskbar to create
a “floating” experience.

Search bar
Search bar with rounded corner

Unfortunately, it looks like there won’t be an option to change
the radius of the rounded corners or turn off the floating

It’s also worth noting that this is a mockup created by us to
show what’s in the pipeline for the Start menu – or at least
what Microsoft is internally testing. The actual Start Menu
will look better than the above mockup and live or static tiles
will also support rounded corners.

As always, there’s no any guarantee that it will happen, but
the interface shown in the mockup is based on changes
internally tested by Microsoft and it also flows well with the
WinUI 3 official mockup.

The Sun Valley update is expected to finalize in June 2021 and
it’s likely that Microsoft will slowly roll out these changes
to testers in the Windows Insider program over the coming

In addition to Start Menu, Action Center, Microsoft is also
believed to be working on a major redesign for Windows 10 inbox
apps, such as Alarms & Clock, Mail & Calendar, and more.

Reputed Microsoft watcher Zac Bowden has also confirmed the reports of
Windows 10 Sun Valley update and Start Menu improvements, which
is expected to finalize in June 2021.

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