Numskull Reveals a Ton of New PlayStation Gear

Numskull Reveals a Ton of New PlayStation Gear

June 19, 2018Written by Lucas White

numskull playstation gear

UK merchandise company Numskull has added new merch to its line of PlayStation-branded gear. The Numskull PlayStation Gear collection has a surprising variety of items, including PlayStation classic game coasters, onesies, pins, a bathrobe, and a lot more.

All of Numskull’s PlayStation swag lives on its own page, and everything new is available for either purchase or pre-order right now. It’s all really intense fandom-style stuff, created with nostalgia and detail in mind. You can tell just from looking at any given item, such as a PSOne-style memory card bottle-opener.

Numskull is a big PlayStation partner, with several brands many fans associate with Sony’s platform, such as Crash Bandicoot, and an upcoming line of Spyro the Dragon products, which have yet to be fully revealed. That said, Numskull also has products based on a laundry list of licenses, including Marvel, Capcom, Call of Duty, and a lot more.

Numskull sells its wares through Geekstore, another UK company. While these companies are based in the UK and certainly cater to that market, Geekstore does have worldwide shipping options, so if a PlayStation onsie or Crash Bandicoot furry snapback hat sound like things you need, you won’t have to go too far out of your way.

[Source: Numskull via Twitter]


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