New Moto Stereo Speaker Mod now available for $59.99

New Moto Stereo Speaker Mod now available for $59.99
Moto Stereo Speaker Mod Motorola
New Moto Stereo Speaker Mod now available for $59.99

Motorola’s steady stream of Moto Mod releases continues today with the launch of a new speaker mod.

The Moto Stereo Speaker is now available from Motorola’s website for $59.99. As its name suggests, this Moto Mod offers two 28mm speakers. The Mod uses your phone’s battery, so there’s no need to charge the speaker.

Also included with the Moto Stereo Speaker is speakerphone support and a built-in kickstand. Color options include red, black, and blue.

Moto Stereo Speaker Mod colors

This Moto Stereo Speaker looks like a nice, more affordable speaker option for Moto Z owners. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa and it’s normally more affordable than the JBL SoundBoost and SoundBoost 2, but Motorola has those models on sale for the same price as the Moto Stereo Speaker.

If you’re interested in giving your Moto Z better sound output, you can check out the Moto Stereo Speaker at the link below.

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