New Metal Max Xeno Screenshots Show Off More Tank Types

New Metal Max Xeno Screenshots Show Off More Tank Types

April 16, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

metal max xeno screenshots

Metal Max Xeno releases in just a couple of days in Japan, and to celebrate, Kadokawa Games has released a whole batch of new screenshots from the upcoming game. In the screenshots, we get a good glimpse at some of the tank classes included in the game, as well as some of the characters that people will be able to play as. The RPG, which is has players piloting various machines in a post-apocalyptic world, is set to launch later this month in Japan, with a Western release also planned.

You can check out the full gallery of images below:

Last week, a new series of tank types was introduced. According to Kadokawa Games (via Gematsu), the the “Type 10 Revised” tank will be the main model of tank used in the Japanese Self-Defense Force’s main squadron of tanks. According to the developers, players can acquire the tank early in the game, and once they do it will become an active chassis that plays a big role in the party.

Kadokawa also announced that players will be able to customize their tanks by using special Trait Chips that they obtain from defeating enemies. For more on that, check out below, and check out Gematsu for a full translation of the various Trait Chip examples:

Trait Chips are special items that can be equipped to the Trait Socket of a tank’s chassis. By equipping a Trait Chip, the tank becomes stronger and you can uniquely tune up it up. Trait Chips can be obtained from defeated enemies as item drops, as well as from relics stored in containers.

There are two types of Trait Chips: the active types that increase the attack patterns you can choose in battle and are selected on your own, and the passive types that improves performance by simply equipping. Equip your Trait Chips while considering the chassis’ basic performance and the current vehicle equipment.

Metal Max Xeno will release on April 19, 2018, in Japan. A Western release is currently planned but has no release information.

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