New leak shows off Windows 10 design update with rounded corners

Windows 10 new look

Microsoft never really stops testing out new designs for
Windows 10 and its various application, and Windows Terminal is
one of the apps that sees a lot of slight changes here and
there. Now, it appears Windows Terminal could be the first app
to receive rounded corners treatment on Windows 10.

Over the past several months, we’ve been reporting about
rounded corners for the top-level UI components in Windows 10.
Based on
references spotted in the preview builds and reports from
the rumour mill, it’s clear that Microsoft is planning to make
this design language a standard in Windows 10 with the Sun
Valley update.

The interface changes were
first accidentally highlighted in screenshots posted by
Microsoft in the Tips app for Windows 10. The mockups, which
were deleted after our report, showed off Windows 10 Settings
app with a more modern look and rounded corners, as shown in
the below screenshot.

Windows 10 mockup
Rounded corners mockup accidentally posted by Microsoft and
deleted later

Now, it looks like the Windows Terminal app is also getting
rounded corners, with a now-deleted tweet by a Microsoft
employee revealing the first look. So, what’s in store? As
shown in the below screenshot, Microsoft seems to be testing a
version of Windows Terminal with rounded corners.

Windows Terminal rounded corner

Windows 10 apps would seem to be set to benefit from a touch of
rounded corners and this could be our very first look at
rounded corners on the app window itself.

Currently, we don’t know if this change is exclusive to
internal builds of Terminal or it’s an error. As previously
rumoured, it’s possible that some inbox apps (including
Terminal) will be getting rounded corners with the
long-rumoured Windows 10 Sun Valley Update.

Remember that just because screenshots/mockups are floating
around or have been spotted in official apps, that doesn’t
necessarily mean the company will go this way as plans are
always subject to change.

However, it’s a good indication that Microsoft is serious about
rounded corners and that’s especially obvious when you consider
the mockup posted by Microsoft devs for WinUI 3 applications.

Windows 10 Sun Valley Update rumours

According to various leaks and reports, a big Windows 10
redesign codenamed “Sun Valley” update is coming in the second
half of 2021. As per job listings, Microsoft is working on “a
sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences” and new
inbox (first-party) apps for Windows 10.

Reports have also suggested that
Microsoft is working on a Start Menu with rounded corners
that would float above the taskbar.

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