New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Teases Game & Watch Style Mini-Games

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Teases Game & Watch Style Mini-Games

April 16, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

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Over the weekend, over a thousand Kingdom Hearts fans gathered in Los Angeles for the first Dandelion Meeting, an official community gathering for Kingdom Hearts Union x[Cross]. While they may not have been there to celebrate the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix didn’t disappoint, as Franchise Director Tetsuya Nomura was on hand at a panel and revealed some of the new mini-games that will be making their way to Kingdom Hearts III when it launches this year.

In the brief video (above), Sora and company can be seen on what looks like a handheld gaming device, and we’re quickly treated to what looks like a series of mini-games heavily inspired by the Game & Watch devices of the past. It’s not exactly surprising that the mini-games will be featured in the series, but it’s a nice nod to the classic Disney animation style and gaming ways of the past to include LCD-style games for players to experience.

There’s no word yet on how you unlock or access the mini-games, or what they’ll reward you for completing them, but we’ll make sure to update you should they information come to light. In other Kingdom Hearts III news, it seems as if a series of leaks might have confirmed some of the newer kingdoms coming to the game:

The first leak comes from a Reddit post back in December. The post was made by the same user that originally leaked the early Monsters Inc. images, now confirmed to be a Kingdom Hearts III world, so the accuracy of this previous post is resurfacing. You can read the full post at the link above, but the relevant info is that some of the files on an FTP server have references to Frozen and the 100 Acre Wood. Kingdom Hearts III seems to be embracing a lot of newer Pixar and Disney Animation 3D films (Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc., Tangled, Toy Story), so the addition of Frozen would make a lot of sense. The 100 Acre Wood has been in four Kingdom Hearts games, and is a staple of the main numbered console titles, so it also makes sense that it would return in some way.

Kingdom Hearts III still has no release date, but is expected to launch sometime in 2018.

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