New iPhone 3GS units will be sold by South Korean carrier

iPhone 3GS hands-on unboxing

We normally see Apple sell iPhone models that are a generation or two old in addition to their latest and greatest hardware, but one carrier is relaunching an iPhone model that debuted nearly nine years ago.

South Korean carrier SK Telink will begin selling iPhone 3GS units at the end of June. According to ETNews, the carrier found a bunch of new, unsold iPhone 3GS units and has decided to sell them to consumers.

The phones will cost 44,000 won ($40 USD) and will come without a contract. Because of the age of the phones and the fact that they’ve been sitting in their boxes for so long, SK Telink will be opening each device to test it and ensure that its battery still functions.

The iPhone 3GS is missing a lot of features that you expect from a new smartphone in 2018, like 4G LTE connectivity and a front-facing camera. It’s also got a small 3.5-inch 480×320 display and a dock connector, and it was never updated beyond iOS 6. One thing it does have that new iPhone models don’t, though, is a 3.5mm headphone jack!

Considering its limitations, it’s unlikely that most people will want to buy an iPhone 3GS to actually use it day-to-day. It could be a cheap option for someone that has very basic phone needs, but likely many of the people that buy one will get it as a collector’s item.

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