New Firmware update rolling out to Surface Pro 4 users

Microsoft is rolling out a new firmware update for its Surface
Pro 4 users which is termed as April 2018 firmware update. The
update brings the much awaited Surface Dial support for the Pro

The Surface Dial was announced in the year 2016 and its arrival
was delayed for close to a year. But finally Microsoft has
rolled out the feature to its Surface Pro 4 users with the
latest firmware update.

The Surface Dial enables radial menu which provides touch
controls for various activities. The latest firmware is
available with version which includes support for
Surface dial.

The Surface Dial supports a good range of apps like CorelDraw,
Djay Pro, Spotify and more with Microsoft expected to add
support for Microsoft Office in the coming days or weeks. The
Surface Dial is currently available and sold by Microsoft
separately for $99.99 and currently has only limited app
support which we expect to be increased over a period of time
now that Microsoft has rolled out support for Surface Pro 4

Surface Dial helps users to interact with technology in a new
way by storing, customizing, draw our thoughts to interact with

Microsoft says: “With Surface Dial in one hand and Surface Pen
in the other, you can unlock your creativity with easy access
to shortcuts, controls, drawing tools, and more,”

The main point to be noted for the Surface Pro 4 owners is that
in spite of getting the support for Surface Dial in the latest
firmware update, users would  need to purchase the Surface
Dial from the Microsoft Store at a price of $99.99.

If any of you are using a Surface Pro 4, you will be able to
download the firmware update via OTA by going to
Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Check for

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