Monkey do! Nintendo releases classic arcade version of ‘Donkey Kong’ for Switch

Donkey KongDonkey Kong
Save the lady! “Donkey Kong’s” retro action is now available for Nintendo Switch. (Nintendo Image)

Roll out the barrel, Nintendo is up for a barrel of fun with the release of the original “Donkey Kong” video game for Switch.

The game is the classic version that became an arcade mainstay in the 1980s and features Mario climbing through a construction site, dodging fireballs, barrels and more in his quest to rescue a lady from the damn dirty ape at the top.

The game is available now, for $7.99, from Hamster on its Arcade Archives web store for Nintendo Switch.

The site says that early and later versions, as well as an international version, are available. Players can change various settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings from the time period. Players can also put their high score up against players from all over the world.

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