Microsoft’s Windows India Twitter handle is winding up this month

Windows 10 device

Microsoft earlier today announced that the Windows India
Twitter handle is closing down later this month. For the very
first time, the firm is closing down Windows India Twitter
handle which was the company’s first point of contact for
Indian customers.

The users are now meant to subscribe to the global Windows
account (@Windows) for Windows related stories. You’re
recommended to follow Microsoft India Twitter handle for new
Windows 10 devices coverage. Windows India Twitter account will
close on 31st July 2018.

Windows India Twitter handle

“For all the latest on Windows OS and features, follow @Windows
and for the devices launched in India, follow @MicrosoftIndia.
Let’s keep our conversation going on how you can Do More with
Windows,” Microsoft’s Windows India handle said in a tweet.

The global Windows Twitter handle is very active and you
will see similar tweets, however, the key change is that you
will also receive general and international Microsoft updates.

It’s worth noting that this decision has nothing to do with
sales of Windows operating system in the country. It’s likely
that Microsoft is making these changes to the Twitter handle to
make things easier for the consumers.

In other news, Microsoft’s FY18 Q4 earnings report has already
confirmed that the Windows operating system continues to buoy
the business in some regards. On Thursday, Microsoft revealed
that Windows OEM Pro revenue grew by 14% signalling that the
operating system business is still doing a great job.

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