Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update fixes 51 vulnerabilities

Windows 10 June Update
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Microsoft released its new set of Patch Tuesday updates for
which is now available for all users. The latest updates comes
with fixes for not less than 51 vulnerabilities which effects
Windows operating system, Microsoft Edge and Office Suite.

Microsoft recommends users to install the latest set of Patch
Tuesday updates on their desktops as soon as they are available
to stay away from any major issues.

The Patch Tuesday updates comes with more fixes for the Spectre
vulnerability which was a major issue affecting Windows 7
users. The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerability mostly effected
the Windows 7 PCs and some Intel processors with the company
having already released many patches earlier to fix the issues
pertaining to the Spectre vulnerability and we expect Intel to
ship new microcode updates in the coming weeks after the latest
Patch Tuesday update.

Microsoft has also made sure to fix vulnerability issue with a
Remote Code flaw which would help an attacker to run arbitrary
code in the Local System Account.

“To exploit the vulnerability, the attacker would use a
malicious DNS server to send corrupted DNS responses to the
target,” Microsoft says, adding that this update changes the
way DNSAPI.dll handles DNS responses.

The Redmond Giant also confirms a critical flaw allowing remote
code execution which improperly handles objects in memory. This
would make it easy for the attacker in exploiting the
vulnerability and take control of the system.

The attacker has the chance of sending an infected file to the
HTTP.sys server and take full control of the desktop. The
latest update fixes the vulnerability in a way where the HTTP
Protocol Stacks doesn’t get vulnerable to the infected file.

Microsoft says that this vulnerability is effecting only
Windows 10 PCs and recommends users to install the latest Patch
update. The latest Patch Tuesday update have been termed as
June 2018 update and is available via the Windows Update.
Remember that a reboot of your device is required to download
the June 2018 Patch Tuesday update.

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