Microsoft’s new announcement suggests Windows is getting modern

HP Elite x3 with Windows 10
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According to numerous rumours, unofficially
christened ‘Windows Lite’ may not be seen until 2020.
The Redmond giant has just dropped a hint that suggests it is
working on a modern version of its desktop operating system.

In a blog post for Computex announcement, Microsoft also
discussed its vision for modern OS experience, highlighting
some of the key features that you can expect. Microsoft appears
to be working on a new version of Windows that provides
‘enablers’ to deliver a set of foundational features,
including seamless updates.

The updating process in Windows 10 isn’t very seamless and
users often experience problems. The company says that the
updating experience should be entirely seamless on the modern
version of Windows as everything will happen in the background.

The modern OS updates are done in the background and it is
invisible, this ensures that the update experience is reliable
and instant with no interruptions.

Microsoft is also focusing on security with modern Windows. To
secure the environment, the company might separate apps from
the operating system and both services will work independently.

“A modern OS, is also secure by default, the state is separated
from the operating system; compute is separated from
applications; this protects the user from malicious attacks
throughout the device lifecycle,” Nick Parker, Corporate
Vice President, Consumer and Device Sales, explains.

Microsoft also remains committed to the idea of
always-connected PCs with modern Windows experience.

Better performance, AI integration

Windows Lite rumours

Microsoft also promises ‘sustained performance’, pointing to
significant performance improvements from the moment a user
picks up their device.

The modern OS is powered by AI that can understand what a user
is planning to do tomorrow and help them work efficiently. It
also enhances applications by making them more intelligent.

Customers can use the modern OS with ‘keyboard, mouse, pen,
voice, touch, even gaze.

Finally, Microsoft confirmed that modern Windows will provide
the ultimate in form factor agility. The operating system
should be able to detect the posture of the device and also
find the right sensor automatically to work smoothly on new
form factors.

Microsoft doesn’t mention Windows 10, Windows Lite or
Windows Core OS as the modern OS, though it is likely that the
project is associated with the long rumoured Windows Core OS.

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