Microsoft updates Cortana for emergency situations with helpful answers

Microsoft updates Cortana for emergency situations with helpful answers

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Microsoft updates Cortana for emergency situations with helpful answers
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We know that Microsoft has been working with Amazon to bring
Amazon Alexa to Windows 10 and bringing more smart speakers is
also on their list. Has Microsoft today tried to make sure
Cortana is relevant to users if they ask for help when they are
bleeding? An appropriate answer was not earlier
available rather it was added only after a Twitter user
informed Microsoft about Cortana’s this inability.

Twitter user Maneesh Juneja today posted a video and mentioned
Microsoft in it about the weird answers Microsoft’s digital
assistant Cortana gives on iPhone when asked that “he was
bleeding”. And the reply’s from Cortana Surprised him because
rather than helping a user on such queries it replied with
“okay” and “interesting” which is bizarre.

But Microsoft was also quick to take care of such anomalies of
Cortana and soon they updated the backend of Cortana with some
useful answers for questions like “I’m Bleeding” which need
emergency responses. Maneesh Juneja was soon told to ask
the question again and he had then posted the newer
Cortana replies for which are actually helpful. You can
see the newer replies from the tweet below.

Cortana replied, “If you are bleeding heavily the first
thing you do is to try to stop the flow and then seek medical
help”. There was also an option to get more details on the
with the text “see NHS advice on cuts and bleeding”.

Microsoft might similar features with selected users and in the
coming months, the digital assistant is likely to offer other
useful responses depending on the medical emergencies.
Microsoft is still developing Cortana as it is part of the
company’s AI push and the company has been pushing hard to make
Cortana widely available across all platforms including the
Amazon’s Alexa.

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