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Microsoft recently added list sharing feature to To-Do app for
Windows 10, Android and iOS. Today, Microsoft To-Do is
receiving yet another update with several improvements and
fixes for the reported bugs.

Microsoft To-do for Windows 10 has been updated to version
1.33.11631.0 to include the following changes:

  • Select the sharing icon, create the link and send it to
    your collaborators.
  • Added options to configure “My day” and you can now choose
    a background or change the order of the activities.
  • Fixed a bug where the app did not show the recurring
    activities you had added there.
  • Change your activities feature has been improved.

In the changelog, Microsoft explains that with the new share
lists feature, you can easily create the link and share it with
your collaborators. The new My Day feature allows you to
change the order of chances and hide the activities, as well as
customize the look and feel by changing the background.

Microsoft is also fixing an issue with My Day where it couldn’t
show the recurring activities. You can batch edit
expiration dates for task groups that have different expiration

The last update added support for list sharing

Microsoft To-Do recently received the new list sharing feature
on Android, Windows 10, iOS, and the web.

Microsoft To-Do also allows you to share a specific list
with the collaborators such as colleagues, friends or
family, and it can be done by generating a link. It’s a
flexible and lightweight feature that works everywhere,
the company said.

“With our share link, we make it easy to coordinate and
collaborate in small teams and one-on-one. Just generate the
link and share with your team, family and friends via email,
SMS or app of your choice. Once you’ve accomplished your
project together, you’re free to stop sharing and turn off the
share link, remaining in control of your list,” Microsoft
explains in the blog post.

The list sharing feature is already available to all users on
Windows 10, iOS, Android, and a couple of weeks, and you can
always stop the sharing and delete the link whenever you want.

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