Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 and Windows 10 is now significantly faster

Microsoft Teams for Windows 11

After the release of Windows 11 in 2021, Microsoft actively
started working on a redesigned and “built from scratch”
version of Microsoft Teams for the next-generation devices. The
new Teams experience is apparently called “Microsoft
Teams 2.0” and it’s available to users with a personal
account on Windows 11 devices.

The biggest difference between the old Teams client and the new
Teams is the fact that Teams 2.0 is not based on Electron and
Microsoft is using embedded web technologies such as HTML, CSS
and JavaScript on top of the Chromium engine for Teams
2.0. At the same time, Microsoft also made significant
improvements to the business/desktop app of Teams.

The original Microsoft Teams client for Windows 11 and Windows
10 is now significantly faster on the desktop platforms, thanks
to a number of improvements released over the past several
months. This is according to metrics shared based on the 95th
percentile metrics.

Microsoft says it wanted to take users on low-end devices and
low bandwidth networks into account, which is why the report
only focuses on the 95th percentile of all desktop users in the
world. This means that 95 percent of the time the experience
would be better than what is highlighted in the report.

Teams is now much faster on Windows

After the recent updates, Microsoft Teams now loads pages
faster than earlier. The latency has been improved by 11.4%
when users scroll through the chats list. On the other hand,
scrolling within the channel list is now faster by 12.1%.

The compose message box has been updated and it loads 63%
faster, so you can type a message immediately.

Here’s a list of the remaining performance improvements:

  • The time to switch between channels and open a new chat
    window has been dramatically reduced. It’s faster by 25%.
  • Teams ability to switch between threads in the activity
    feed is now 17.4%.
  • Switching between chat threads has improved by 3.1%.

Microsoft official confirmed that more improvements are on the
way, but they cannot share the timeline at the moment.

“We have more improvements coming for the business version
including larger architecture improvements although I am not
able to share the timeline at this time,” the company said.

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