Microsoft Teams native notifications for macOS is almost here

Microsoft Teams macOS update

Microsoft Teams will finally take advantage of native
notifications on macOS and the feature is now rolling out to
those part of the company’s preview program (beta testing).

Microsoft Teams has long used its own system for sending
notifications from its platform and connected apps. Teams
desktop was recently updated with the native notifications
feature, but that was only made available on Windows 10. As per
our own testing, macOS users will soon benefit from the
improved notifications too.

Starting with the next Microsoft Teams update, which is set to
arrive later this month, the collaboration tool will finally
use the native notification system on macOS when your colleague
sends messages or a new meeting is scheduled/cancelled.

Like other desktop apps, Teams notifications will also appear
in the macOS native notification center along with other
alerts. If you want to try the feature today, join Microsoft’s
preview program and update Teams to version

When asked, Microsoft clarified that it will not change the
default setting of Microsoft Teams notifications. Users would
not experience any change in their notifications when their
Teams app is updated with support for the new notification

Native notifications come into effect only when the users
change their notification style setting by following these

  • In Microsoft Teams, open Settings.
  • Under Appearance and sound, locate “Notification
    Teams macOS
  • Choose Mac from the dropdown options.

A pop-up notification will appear on your screen asking
permission to allow Teams notifications. You can also the macOS
System Preferences > Notifications and chooMicrosoft Teams macOS

Once done, Microsoft Teams Teams notifications will be
delivered through the built-in notification center and users
can always access the missed notifications by launching the
notifications centre.

For some reasons, this setting is not supported on macOS 10.14
or lower.

As per the roadmap,
Microsoft Teams native notifications will begin rolling out to
general consumers later this month.

In addition to native notifications,
Teams for macOS is also getting support for new spotlight

Spotlight is a feature that allows presenters to highlight
certain participants during meetings and it will be updated
with a new option that will you to highlight 7 attendees at the
same time.

To use this feature, presenters or organizers need to
right-click on the person’s video and select Spotlight from the
menu. Users need to repeat the steps every time if they want to
highlight multiple videos.

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