Microsoft releases a new patch to fix update issues on Windows 10

Windows Update in Settings

Microsoft today started rolling out a new patch to fix issues
with Windows Update. The patch KB4056254 is supposed to
fix the update issues on Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators
Update) and older, including version 1507 (original Windows 10
RTM). It makes changes to the Windows Update service.

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft released a similar patch
earlier this year. If you have ever faced any weird problems
with Windows Update, you might want to install the new patch on
your system, but keep in mind that the update is offered to
select devices only, and there’s no way to manually install it.

The update called Windows 10 update facilitation service
(KB4056254) is aimed at some systems that previously
experienced issues and prevented an upgrade.

“This update includes files and resources to address issues
affecting background update processes in the Windows Update
servicing stack. Maintaining Window Update service health and
performance helps ensure that quality updates are installed
seamlessly on your device and help to improve the reliability
and security of devices running Windows 10,” Microsoft explains
on the KB page linked above,” Microsoft said in a support page.

Microsoft says that only certain builds of Windows 10 Versions
1507, 1511, 1607, and 1703 will receive and require this
update. It’s available only on systems running Windows 10
Home or Pro.

The update will apparently download automatically and it may
open an “Important fix for Windows Update” dialog. Again, keep
in mind that not all systems are getting this update.

In case your device is not connected to Windows Update,
you may see a User Account Control (UAC) prompt is
displayed before the installation starts to make changes
to Windows Update.

By the looks of thing, the patch is used by Microsoft to fix
issues with Windows Update before a newer version of Windows 10
is offered.

Earlier this month, Microsoft released new Windows 10
cumulative updates for all supposed versions of Windows
operating system to introduce a series of quality improvements.

It’s worth noting that some versions of Windows 10 will be
receiving another set of cumulative updates later this month to
include additional bug fixes.

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