Microsoft reiterates its desire to bring Edge browser to Linux desktop

Microsoft Edge

AndroidTechNews.Com – Microsoft launched the Edge browser in 2015 as a Windows 10
exclusive. After four years, Microsoft has recreated Edge
browser on Chromium platform and new Chromium-based Edge will
be available for all possible platforms.

Microsoft has already released Edge for macOS and Windows 7
version is also coming soon. It is very likely that Edge will
be launched for Linux as well and now Microsoft’s Edge
engineering team have dropped a new hint.

Microsoft appears to be considering a Linux version of
Edge and it’s something the company would like to do in
the near future. In Reddit
thread, Microsoft confirmed that its Edge team is not aware
of any technical blockers that may block the creation of
Linux binaries for the browser.

“Its definitely something we’d like to do down the road,”
Microsoft replied when asked about Edge for Linux
possibilities. Although it is possible to bring Edge to Linux,
Microsoft needs to work on multiple things including
installers, user sync, fixes, improvements and more to make
Edge consumer ready.

“We aren’t quite ready to commit to the work just yet,”
Microsoft said.

At the moment, Microsoft is more focused on refinements for
Edge on Windows 10 and expanding stable versions of the browser
to other versions of Windows/macOS.

Another priority right now is to get the beta builds released
for Windows and macOS before investing resources in other

Microsoft Edge could be released on Linux at some point in
the future, but the team has its hands full right now and this
is not going to happen anytime soon.

Yesterday, Microsoft also clarified that it has
no plans to remove Internet Explorer bits from Windows 10
and the company will support decades-old legacy browser.

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