Microsoft plans to release new experimental features for Windows 11

Windows 11 experimental features

Microsoft has been testing
Windows Feature Experience Pack for nearly two years now,
but its true purpose has flown under the radar somewhat. If you
use Windows 11, then you have already downloaded and installed
two experience packs – Windows Feature and Web Experience Pack.

Microsoft is yet to utilize the true potential of the Feature
Experience Pack. As we have reported earlier, Windows
Experience Packs will split some features from the Windows Core
OS or major features. This would allow the company to update
certain features or introduce support for Android apps without
needing to release new versions of Windows 11.

So far, Windows Experience Packs have been all about minor
improvements and bug fixes to File Explorer, Snipping Tool and
other areas of the OS. In a new announcement, Microsoft has
confirmed Windows 11’s
Insiders channels will be updated with access to new
experimental features.

These new features will be delivered via Windows Feature, Web,
and Online Service Experience Packs on top of preview builds.

“We will deliver updates to features and experiences in builds
from the Dev and Beta Channels by releasing Feature, Web, and
Online Service Experience Packs on top of these builds too,”
Microsoft said.

Microsoft to enable experimental or hidden features in Windows

As you’re probably aware, some developers have noticed features
that are intentionally disabled in the preview builds.

Microsoft now wants to enable beta features for more users and
experiment with certain features in stages to monitor quality
and test variations.

Windows 11 beta features
Improvements to Settings can be delivered through experience

For example, a Windows Web Experience Pack update could enable
new features within Windows 11 Widget board. Likewise,
Microsoft could push changes to Windows Settings using Feature
Experience Packs. As mentioned, these concepts may or may not
ship, but Microsoft will be testing changes with more users to
refine experiences for everyone.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that changes in the Dev channel
or experience packs would end up rolling out for everyone as
part of the major Windows Patch Tuesday or feature update.

Later this month, Microsoft will begin rolling out Android
apps, taskbar and other improvements to the general public. At
the moment, we don’t have any information as to how Microsoft
plans to enable features, but there’s a possibility that this
could happen partially through the Experience Packs.

It’s also important to recall that Windows 11 is moving to an
annual feature update schedule starting this year. In addition
to experience packs, you can also expect exciting features in
the Windows 11 fall 2022 update.

October is the target at this point and you can expect
drag-and-drop support for taskbar and more.

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