Microsoft Paint will remain part of Windows 10, as 34-year-old favorite lives on

(Microsoft Illustration)

For years it’s felt like Microsoft Paint’s days were numbered, but the 34-year-old sentimental favorite keeps hanging on.

The simple graphics editor is included in the next Windows 10 build, also known as the May 2019 Update. Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager with Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, tweeted that Paint will remain part of Windows for the immediate future.

In July 2017, Microsoft put the beloved drawing program on a list of features to be removed or deprecated in the next Windows update, spawning odes to the program from media outlets around the world, including GeekWire. Soon after, Microsoft clarified that while Paint wouldn’t be a part of the core Windows package, it would be available to download as an app on the Microsoft Store.

But even that hasn’t come to pass as Paint has continued to be included in Windows 10. As PCMag notes, Microsoft may have listened to the popular sentiment and decided to just drop the idea of moving or discontinuing Paint and keep shipping it as part of Windows 10.

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