Microsoft makes Xbox Live for Android and iOS games official

Xbox One controller

Xbox Live is a major part of the gaming market, and now it’s coming to Android and iOS. 

Microsoft today announced Game Stack, a new initiative that includes bringing Xbox Live and its features to mobile devices. A new software development kit (SDK) will enable mobile developers to include Xbox Live features like achievements, Gamerscore, “hero” stats, and more.

Xbox Live has been around for 16 million years and has 64 million users, so it’s a huge platform for mobile developers to tap into. With features like achievements, Gamerscore, and friends lists, mobile game developers could tempt users to check out their game when otherwise those people may have not by giving them the chance to boost their Gamerscore and easily play with their friends.

In addition to Xbox Live, Game Stack includes Microsoft game development platforms, tools, and services like Azure, PlayFab, DirectX, Visual Studio, App Center, and Havok. The goal is to bring all of these features into a single package that can help developers create and maintain their games, especially live games and multiplayer games, which are super popular in gaming nowadays.

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