Microsoft is now officially testing Windows 10’s phone screen mirroring feature

Windows 10 mirroring feature
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft launched the Your Phone app last year with Windows 10
October 2018 Update which allowed users to sync text messages,
access recent photos, stored in your Android phone on your
Windows 10 desktop.

At the October 2018 event, Microsoft had announced that it will
screen mirroring feature within the Your Phone app for
Android phones.

Today, Microsoft began pushing out a new update to Your Phone
app with screen mirroring feature but not everyone can test it
at the moment. The new feature supports only a handful number
of mobiles and hardware and also requires users to install the
latest Windows 10 Insider build on their PCs.

The screen mirroring feature called “Phone screen” is currently
available on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, S9/S9+ and Surface Go. The
feature has been made available to a very small number of
phones but Microsoft says it will be pushed to more devices
very soon.

Android phone mirroring
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

You can try this feature if you’re part of the Insider program
and your Android phone is running Android version 7.0 or higher
on the above-mentioned devices. Your PC should also have
Bluetooth technology.

The “Phone screen” feature in the Your Phone app can be
found on the left panel of the app. The feature helps you
to see your Android phone’s screen on your PC and it also
allows customers to control the Android apps.

“The new phone screen feature gives you easy access to your
phone apps on your PC. Whether scheduling a ride to the airport
or checking your social updates, do it with ease from the
comfort of your PC without having to take your phone out of
your bag or go back and forth between devices,” Microsoft

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