Microsoft is looking to boost productivity with Windows 10X

Windows 10X desktop

Windows 10 has loads of productivity options and it looks like
Microsoft is also focusing on productivity with Windows 10X.
Based on Windows Core OS, Windows 10X is a new operating system
designed for foldable PCs, dual-screen laptops, and soon the
traditional laptops.

Windows 10X will boast some features and capabilities that
current Windows versions won’t, but it appears that Microsoft
is planning to improve the existing features at the same time.

According to a new Microsoft’s job post, the Redmond firm is
looking for talented engineers to work with the Natural User
Interfaces (NUI) team. The NUI team at Microosft is working on
new and improved ways to make it easier for users to be
productive when interacting with Windows 10X powered devices
such as the Surface Neo.

“[We’re] looking to hire talented engineers to build new and
improved ways to make it easy for users to be productive when
interacting with Devices, using a wide range of natural input
modalities: Pen, Typing, Voice and multi-modal use cases,”
Microsoft said in the job

The engineer would be responsible for new innovations and
optimizing Windows 10X’s new user experience for Surface Neo.

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